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Image Management

How others view your company can provide the competitive edge over another's similar product or service. The Oberg Group can assist you in:

  • understanding the components of a successful and positive organizational image
  • understanding what has been proven to work best in your field
  • developing the type of image you wish to project, and
  • projecting this image to clients, customers and the public.

Coaching and Impression Management

Just as an organization's overall image is important, so to is the ability of its staff to create and convey a positive impression as individuals. Master the critical elements of this process by:

  • understanding the interaction between one's own personal characteristics and those of others
  • building specific interactional skills which are important when dealing with co-workers, clients and customers.

Team Building

Research and experience shows that a group of individuals does not make a team. Productivity grows exponentially when these groups of people unite and become a team. High performance teams are created by:

  • learning the key components of successful teams
  • identifying the type of team structure best suited for the task
  • diagnosing and resolving a group's inability to work together
  • facilitating the development of teams, from formation to high performance.

Focus Groups and Attitudinal Surveys

A clear understanding of how employees, clients and customers really feel about a specific policy, product or service can have a tremendous impact on strategic planning, task control and management. Gain critical insights into underlying human attitudes, feelings and built-in prejudices by gathering accurate and timely information through:

  • conducting qualitative focus groups
  • creating custom surveys

Strategic Planning

"Success favors the well prepared." Consequently, strategic planning is crucial to your company's success. Create your company's future by:

  • identifying critical factors
  • projecting future client/customer needs and other external factors
  • engineering the changes necessary to bring about the desired result.

Health and Lifestyle Assessment

Approximately two thirds of all illnesses and deaths are preventable or treatable. Minimize the impact of poor employee physical and mental health on your company's bottom line through health and lifestyle assessments such as:

  • substance abuse
  • smoking
  • chronic pain
  • mood disorders
  • sexual disorders
  • sleep disorders
  • learning problems
  • Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction 
  • hypertension
  • headaches
  • family dysfunction
  • stress/anxiety
  • over/under-utilization of medical benefits
  • obesity
  • exercise deficits
  • nutrition
  • diabetes
  • violence or impulsive behaviors
  • personality problems
  • allergies
  • cardiovascular disease and recovery
  • cancer, coping and recovery
  • connective tissue diseases
  • birthing and family leave issues
  • HIV and AIDS related issues
  • injuries
  • GI disorders
  • grief & loss
  • obsessions / non-chemical addictions

"Visioneering" / Idea Generation

Companies and organizations can become stuck in the rut created by the original organizational strategy. Overcome old mind sets and explore new paths through:

  • idea generation procedures such as, nominal, traditional, or electronic groups
  • evaluation of the results and implement the findings.

Change Management

Everyday, changes are occurring that threaten to destabilize the workplace and decrease productivity. Ensure stability and productivity through:

  • downsizing and rightsizing management
  • facilitated staff adjustment
  • selected change management programs proven to work best in your field.

Training Design & Facilitation

Whether you need training to comply with legal mandates such as sexual harassment or DOT compliance; or for internal development purposes, The Oberg Group can meet your training needs. We are experienced providers with a proven track record of delivering quality programs to both small and large groups; as well as on a one-on-one basis.

Program Evaluation & Management Control Techniques

Fundamental to any organization's growth is the maximization of profits and minimization of costs. Explore your company's efficiency through:

  • qualitative and quantitative program evaluation
  • quantitative systems analyses, sensitivity analyses, decision analyses and probability studies
  • in-depth computer assisted systems analysis techniques to determine how changes in material, labor, costs or any other impacting variable will effect your business.

Diversity & Globalization Training

The workplace of today is a complex matrix of interlocking variables. Due to increased governmental and global demands, organizations can no longer focus only on their native rules, values and cultures. Expand your potential for success by:

  • understanding how different lifestyles affect the individual in the workplace
  • understanding the influence of cultural and gender issues on a workforce
  • understanding applicable guidelines, regulations and laws.

Crisis Management and Alternative Dispute Resolution

In the complex world of work, problems arise between individuals, groups, and between different layers of management and staff. Problems may also develop between companies and their clientele. Conflict will occur, and, it is possible to be prepared for it. Minimize fallout from negative events through timely resolution of conflict or trauma by employing such techniques as:

  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefings
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Ombudsmanship

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